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Post Retirement Calculators

Duration Survivorship Probability Calculator

Calculates both single and joint life survival probabilities to set required payment durations in retirement.

Centrelink Age Pension Calculator

Calculates an estimate of the single or couple current Centrelink Age Pension the retiree is entitled to.

Grandfathered or Deemed ABP

Calculates whether the deemed approach for an ABP will produce a lower Age Pension income test reduction.

Retirement Assets Exhausted Calculator

Estimates when private retirement assest will be exhausted for a nominated level of retirement drawdown.

Pre Retirement Planning

Target Retirement Assets Calculator

Calculates the assets needed to support a desired retirement income taking the Age Pension into account.

Budget Planner with 2016-17 Tax

Estimates the capacity to make extra superannuation contributions and the impact on take home pay net of tax .

Asset Accumulated at Retirement Calculator

Projects in nominal or today’s dollars what current assets and future contributuions will accumulate to at retirement.

Transition to Ret Calculator

Finds the optimum drawdown percentage to maximise the tax efficiency of the TTR strategy.

SMSF Admin Calculators

ABP Minimum Required Pension

Calculates the minimum that must be drawn from an account based pension including part years.

Rate of Return Calculator

Works out the effective per annum percentage rate of return of a series of gross or net of tax cashflows.

Year End Allocation Calculator

Apportions fund level account items amongst members on a direct and an account balance weighted basis.

2016-17 Anti Detirement Calculator

This is the final year for anti detriment claims. This calculator is based on ATO ID 2010/5 formula.

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