Register of SMSF messaging providers

From 1 July 2014, self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees are required to receive both electronic messages and payment when employers make contributions using the SuperStream data and payment standard.

If you are an SMSF trustee, you will need an electronic service address (alias) to be able to receive data messages associated with employer contributions sent using SuperStream. The electronic service address (alias) is used to identify where contribution messages for your SMSF are to be sent. You need to provide this to your employer.

To help you register and obtain an electronic service address, we have published two registers of SuperStream messaging providers:

  • The first register includes providers whose services are open to all SMSF trustees.
  • The second register lists providers whose services are restricted to existing SMSF clients.

The register includes details about where to find more information about the service providers. Click on the provider’s name in the register to go to their website, or use the phone number or email address in the last column to get in touch with the provider.

Related party employer are exempt – not required to register.


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SPAA Specialist Auditor

SPAA Specialist Auditor

Shiv Parihar is a SMSFA accredited SMSF Specialist Auditor™. He provides SMSF auditing services independently, conflict free and in accordance with professional audit standards.

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